Monday, 6 August 2012

Cyber smart tips

Challenges we face on using the internet as students:
  • Viruses in attachments.
  • Responsibility-appropriate content/web site
  • Pop ups - including adverts.
  • If unsure about content when you are trying to research, ask an  adult or caregiver.
  • Googling keywords for images can be deceiving.

Lisa and Freemantle

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid named Lisa and her best friend dolphin named Freemantle.They loved to go on lots of adventures and solve mysteries while they swam around the very big cities of Mermaid Island.

One day when they were swimming,a net fell on Freemantle and he dodged but he was too late.Lisa thought a little bit  then she remembered that when she was born,the Queen Mermaid crowned her the Princess of Mermaid Island and gave her powers at the main palace of Mermaid Island,but she also crowned Freemantle as the prince of mermaid Island and gave him powers to save peoples lives and solve problems that the other people make on the Island.

After that Lisa says ‘Ok Freemantle,here's what we're going to do,you go back a bit while I use my Mermaid powers to free you from that net and then we’ll pay those fishermen a little visit,what do you say Freemantle’?.Then Freemantle said ‘ok  Lisa lets do it.So then Lisa made a hole in the net for Freemantle but while the fishermen kept struggling but when Lisa used her powers the net fell back on the boat.

Next Lisa and Freemantle went up to the fishermen and said’Why are you fishing here?this Island belongs to us, Mermaids.The fishermen then said’Well we didn't know that Mermaids live here’.So Lisa thought a little bit then said ‘I am going to put a curse around Mermaid Island and if  you come back to this Island with nets and place them in the water then the curse will be detected then something will happen to you’.

so then Lisa quickly wrote down on a piece of paper a contract and they made a deal that every now and then they would visit without nets and as soon they set the deal, they said goodbye to each other then they all left and so every  few weeks the fishermen would visit Lisa and Freemantle.And of course they lived happily ever after.

After School

Kia Ora everyone. I would like to tell you all about my wonderful  day I had yesterday after school.
My sister came to pick me and my little sister up. I asked her ‘Where is dad’? she told me that he was at the doctors and we were going to pick him up. So  we drove to the doctors and waited for him to come out. Not long after we saw him come out of the doctors and came into the car, he told my sister to drive the car home please. My sister started the car and drove home. When we got home I went  straight to my room and got changed into my home clothes and carefully ran down the stairs, got the TV remote from the couch and I turned the TV on and watched Spongebob Squarepants. We made dinner and finished watching my favourite movie, H20 just add water. When it finished it was five o’clock and the news was on and my mum came home. We had dinner and this was at seven o’clock. After that I had a shower and got changed into my pyjamas and brushed my teeth ready for bed at eight thirty. I enjoyed my day because I went to school and learnt lots of things and had heaps of fun.