Friday, 7 December 2012

Getting Lost On Halloween

Once upon a time there lived a bunch of teenagers.Their names were Tori,carly,Paul and Fred.They were trouble makers.

One day,the young troublemakers decided to get some attention by stealing some of their cousins lollies.Then their mother found out that they stole their cousin’s lollies and they had to go and get heaps of lollies and if they didn’t then they all had to be grounded for a whole month.

Then because it was halloween Tori,Carly,Paul and freddy got changed into their scariest halloween costumes and got 1bag each and then they went next door to their neighbour,Melissa’s house to get all of her lollies and to scare her.So they went up the stars and rung the doorbell.

AHH’ screamed Melissa.Right in front of her there stood 4 scary children.Then the children took off their costumes.’Hey kids,what a fright!you’re the ones that’s scared me the most and for that you get to have all of my lollies.’Thank You Melissa’,said the kids.Then they decided to go to the spooky forest to see if there were any houses in there.But Paul,the responsible one heard his mother's warning chanting loudly in his head so he turned around and said:”I think I’ll go home now because Mother said to never go into the forest or the bushes unless we had a adult to look after us do I think I’ll leave”.So he did.”Well he is on his own now lets turn left,but instead they went along the wrong way and then when they were in the center of the forest,Fred said”Hey guys,I think we're lost”.”Not for long Fred,I have my cell phone and It’s still fully charged with credit and a connection so now I could be able to ring 111.

Shortly, the rescue dog Lucy found the humans and did a triple bark and the cops came and rescued the kids.Then the children thanked everyone and walked home with a story to tell along with all of the lollies still in the bag.And they all lived happily ever after.

By Aarmione Marsters