Thursday, 18 June 2015

Storyboard - Dad's big secret.

My storyboard about a story called Dad's big secret.
Huia hid in the bushes at the back of dad’s shed. Huia snuck into the shed and saw a painting. She accidentally spilt paint onto the painting and ran away because she felt bad.
Huia ran to the beach and kept on running till she reached the Jetty and started to cry.
Dad found Huia at the beach and talked to her about running away. Then they went home and dad showed her the painting. In the painting there was her mum, grandpa and herself. Dad told her that it was for her mother’s birthday.
Dad and Huia were the characters in the story.

Maths Reflection 18.06.15

Today for maths, we did maintenance and word problems. Then we marked it. Mrs Tofa gave us 10 maintenance questions. They were decimals, fractions, a bedmas question and a fill-in-the-blanks question. She also gave us 6 word problems. Today's maths was fun, and I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Last Session for MADD

Today, it was the last session for MADD. When we went down to the hall, we greeted Petia. Caroline wasn't there today. We sat down and started the session. Petia handed us a keyring and some cards. He told us what each of the cards were. Each card was like a recap of our sessions we had with them. We put them on the keyring. When we had gotten all of the cards, we sang Fraser happy birthday.  After that, we got into a circle and told him one thing we liked about him. Then Petia drew Iron Man. 
Today was fun because we got to see Petia again and it was also fun.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Poster about Kaitaia

Here is my poster about Kaitaia. I have included some photos and links relating to Kaitaia. I hope you like it. The oster is just a screenshot, so if you want to click the links, I will have them below. 

Queen's Birthday Recount.

The Sun shone brightly, the Birds were chirping, and I was happy. It was Queen’s birthday. That meant no School. That probably was what woke me up so early. The thought of staying at my Nena’s house for the day really excited me.

On Queen’s birthday, I woke up early and said my prayer. Then I went and had a shower and got changed. Then, I went to have breakfast. After breakfast, I helped clean up by doing the dishes.

Then I went back to my room. In my room, I went onto my netbook and did some unfinished school work.

When I finished some of the school work, I went to go and have some lunch. That was at 12:30. For lunch, I had noodles. Then I went back to my room to finish the rest of my school work.

At 7:00, my mum and dad came to pick us up. For dinner, we had fish and chips.

This day was very boring because I didn't do anything but eat and do heaps of school work, but it was also my older brother’s birthday.