Thursday, 21 August 2014

Information Report: Earthquakes


What is an earthquake?
Earthquakes are the shaking, rolling or sudden shock of the earth’s surface. They are the Earth's natural means of releasing stress. More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year.

The West Coast is most at risk of having an earthquake, but earthquakes can happen in the Midwest and along the East Coast.
Earthquakes can be felt over large areas although they usually last less than one minute.
Earthquakes cannot be predicted - although scientists are working on it!

Earthquakes are so destructive - it can actually take people’s houses, and even their lives.

Reading Activity Week 5 Term 3 2014


The Sun and Other Inventions by Simon Cooke

WALT: Use inferencing strategy to find answers to questions based on the text.
Success Criteria: I know I have used the inferencing strategy when I have done the following to look for an answer:
*look for clues around the text,
*re-read the text,
* sound out the question and look for key words in the question, *discuss with a buddy.
* form a picture of the question and then try and answer it.
* read on while looking for the correct answer.

Read the story and then answer the questions based on the story.

1. What is a Science Fair?
A science fair is a time for people to show their research about science to other people.
2. What did Grandpa Sid do as Emma and he were watching the exhibition?
As Grandpa Sid and Emma was watching the exhibition, Grandpa sid said that he invented the sun.
3. Why did the President of the World go and see Grandpa Sid?
The President of the world went to go and see Grandpa Sid because he wanted Grandpa Sid to invent the sun.
4. Why had the people stopped to listen to Grandpa Sid?
The people stopped to listen to Grandpa Sid because he said he invented the sun.
5. Why were the scientists annoyed with Grandpa Sid.
The scientists were annoyed with Grandpa Sid because no one was visiting his exhibition.
6. What did the scientists do in the end to stop Grandpa from lying to everyone?
In the end the Scientists got the security guards to stop Grandpa Sid from lying to everyone.
Make sentences with these words.

1. ignored - I pretended to ignore the boy that was teasing me.
2.scattered - I threw them all over the place.
3. screamed - I shouted really loudly because I was scared.
4.scientist - A scientist experiments with things to make other things.
5. enormous - I had an enormous lunch.
6. invented - I invented a talking dog.
7. disappointed - I was very disappointed because it did not work.
8. mistake - It was mistaken for a security alarm.
9. everyone - Everyone was pleased with my invention because it was my first invention.
10. unfortunately - Unfortunately, it ran away and a car collided with it, so now it’s dead.

Write an article review for this article and take a screenshot of a picture from the article and put it up on your Blog after it has been checked by your teacher.

This story is called The sun and other inventions, and it was written by Simon Cooke. This story is about an elderly man named Grandpa Sid and his young granddaughter named Emma who go to the International Science fair one rainy Saturday afternoon.
Then Grandpa sid said that he invented the stars, sun, moon, Gravity, and then the scientists (that heard him telling lies) got two security guards, so Grandpa Sid said “Perhaps it’s time to show everyone another one of my inventions: The president of the world wanted a way to save people from dinosaurs”. “So what did you come up with” Emma asked. “Running” Grandpa Sid said.

The end.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Blue Whale


The Blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the Baleen Whales. At 30 Metres in length, and 170 tonnes or more in weight, it is the largest existing animal and the heaviest that ever existed.

In addition to the blue whales massive size, it is also one of the loudest animals in existence. In fact a blue whale`s calls can be heard from several miles away and far below the ocean's surface.

Despite being the largest animal on earth the blue whales primary diet consists of krill, a small aquatic life form that resembles tiny shrimp.Due to their large size these marine mammals are rarely ever attacked.
Other than humans that hunted blue whales during the whaling era the only known predator to the blue whale is a pack of hungry killer whales, however these attacks appear to be rare and rarely successful.
The Blue Whales have stripes or spots on their bodies, and
We have to look after the Blue Whales because they are becoming endangered. Don’t forget to save the Blue Whales.
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The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee:

The honey bee is an insect.
The honey bee is bright yellow and orange.
It is 12mm long and has six legs.

The honey bee has three separate parts to its body.
This insect lives in all parts of Australia.

These bees collect nectar for honey.
They dance on the honeycomb to show the other bees where the best flowers for honey are.

Honey bees may fly 20,000km to collect enough nectar for 500g of honey.

Most people like the honey that the bees work so hard to make.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Facts about Matariki

1. For many New Zealanders, the 31st of December is a time to celebrate and party for the New Year.
2. These celebrations are an important way to marking the passage of time as well as heralding new beginnings.
3. Depending on your religion or ethnicity, New year can come at different times of the year and can be celebrated in many different ways.
4. Maori also have their New Year. It is called Matariki.
5. Matariki usually happens in June.
6. Traditionally, Matariki was used to determine the coming season’s crops.
7. Matariki provides an ideal opportunity to explore the ways that people pass on and sustain aspects of their culture and heritage.
8. Matariki is a group of seven stars.
9. A warmer season, and therefore, a more productive crop yield, was indicated by how bright the stars were.
10. Matariki is also called the Pleiades.