Monday, 19 August 2013

Week 3 learning reflection.

Reflection of my learning Week 3:

Last week in Maths, we learnt about angles and the perimeter of shapes, and also the circumference of a circle and I also learnt about the value of pi.

In Writing, we did Persuasive writing. We wrote about children working at the age of 8. Some of us agreed and some disagreed.

In Reading, we read an article about biogas in India. I learnt that in India, they cook with cow dung, then use it for the crops, because it helps the crops to grow faster.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive Writing.

Introduction: This is my persuasive writing. The issue / topic is about children working from the age of 8.

Topic - Children should work for their own money from the age of 8.

I feel that children working from the age of 8 is a bad idea because they’re too young.

There could be a family celebration.
Their boss could be a bad person.
They could get hurt.
They’re too young.
They might have no time with their family.


I disagree with the statement that children should be working at the age of 8 because they’re too young, and they need to learn more about life and what skills they need if they ever wanted to get a job in the future. It could also be too dangerous for them.

Friday, 2 August 2013

In The Holidays.

In The Holidays

In the Holidays, I went to my Grandparents house. When I was at my Grandparents house, I went to visit my Aunty. After I said "hi" to my Aunty, I went to play with my baby cousin Rylie for a while.

That Saturday, I went to Church. After Church finished, I left with my Grandparents to go to see my younger cousin. When we got there, we went to say hi to my baby cousin named Kane.

On Thursday, in the last week of the Holidays, my Aunty, Kane, and I went to Hunters Plaza in Papatoetoe. First, we ate some lunch, and then we went to the Timezone Arcade near the Food Court.

After that, we went home and we had dinner.  I enjoyed myself because I got to hang out with Rylie and Kane, and I had so much fun.