Friday, 22 March 2013

Description of an object

LI: To write a detailed description of an object including its use
SC:It must have adjectives to describe size, colour, shape, a simile and information about how it is used and by whom

Following our visit to MOTAT we are going to write three descriptions of different objects based on the above criteria. You can view our video on our class blog to support your ideas.

1. Object: Kiwi Shoe Polish tin
size - There is a variety of sizes.
colour - Black
shape-  A circle
similie -  Kiwi shoe polish
used by - New Zealanders
purpose -  To polish and clean your leather shoes or boots

2. Object: Mirror Maze
size - Medium
colour - Metallic/silver
shape-  Sharp
similie -  Reflective
used by -  Visitors
purpose -  Fun/ Challenges

3. Object: Prison cell
size - Small
colour -  Grey
shape-  Rectangular
similie -  Scary as a dungeon in an old castle
used by- Law enforcement/police to hold Criminals
purpose - To punish them and keep them away from the

When you have completed the above activity write a recount about your MOTAT visit. You may include any or all of the above in your piece of writing. Check your writing and edit carefully, share with a buddy and save it in your inquiry folder. Once you have shared it with your teacher it must be posted on your blog with a pic. of your choice.