Friday, 22 February 2013

Swimming with instructors

cartoon-girl-swimming-underwater-small.jpg (1025×444)Today we arrived at glenbrae school’s swimming pool to have our swimming lessons with the instructors and then we went into the changing room and then we got changed into our swimming togs and then we lined up at the side of the pool waiting for our turn and then it finally came and then I went in and the instructor gave me a paddle board and it was blue.Then we swam for a little while and then we got changed back in our uniforms and went back to class. I had fun because I learnt new things.

Life Caravan

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Visiting Harold

LifeEdTrustLogo.jpg (180×204)Today the students from Room 7 went to the life education van and then we went in and my team and I had a project of working on a part of the body and my group got the brain and then we watched a video and the video was about a girl named Anna.She dot peer pressured to smoke,lye to her family and more.Then her friend encourages her to stop smoking and then the does.In the life eduction we had fun and we learnt lots of things.THE END.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


We are learning about transport.
Cars have engines and run on fuel
There are many different types of vehicles
Cars run on gas
Cars run on boost
Transport uses lots of energy
Most transport have wheels
Cars can be manual or automatic
Cars make pollution
cars have brakes

Monday, 4 February 2013

Bio poem

Learning Intention: To write a bio poem
enthusiastic, shy, helpful
Lover of ice cream,buying new shoes and clothes,fruits.
Wonders if one day I will become an actress.
Scared of Spiders, scary animals,Scary movies.
Happy with my friends, my family and loves reading.
Who feels amazed to watch the sun set in Rarotonga.
I would like to become an Academy award winning Actress.
I dream what will happen in the future.