Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MADD Workshop 29/4/15

Today, on Wednesday the 29th of April, we went back to Petia for our second to last session of the MADD workshop. When we arrived in Room 11, Petia greeted us. Caroline wasn’t there today. We sat down in a semi circle, and Petia explained what we were going to do. He said to select a shape out of a square, rectangle,circle,squiggle line, and a triangle. I picked the triangle. Then he told us to get into that group. Then he told us to select a leader and he gave the leader a card. Our leader was Keti. Then after 5 minutes, he told us to share what we thought about our personality matching the cards. When all the groups had shared, he started his drawing of batman.It was fun at MADD because I got to learn about people’s personalities.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

What I did for ANZAC Day

Today, my Mum, Sister and I woke up very early to go to the Dawn Parade at the Auckland War Museum. We woke up at 4:30 - 4:45, and got ready. We put very warm clothes on. We had something to eat, and we prepared something to take with us.We got everything we needed and went drove onto the motorway and got off on the Port turn off. Then we parked the car and walked over to the Domain. It took us about 15-20 minutes. When we got to the Museum, we found a place to stand and watch the ceremony.

When the ceremony finished,I got the Niue flag and draped it over my shoulders, and my mum, sister and I went to go and place our poppies on the cross. We also had three reeds. We put a tag on the reeds. On the tags, it said the name of a soldier, their rank and a number. Two of the reeds was for some people on my mum's side, and the other one was for someone on my dad's side. When we got to the court of remembrance,we put our poppies on the cross and looked for a place to put the reeds. Because I had the flag on me, people paid a lot of attention to me. More than once, when I was putting the reeds down, the press was taking pictures of me.

After finally deciding on a place to put the reeds,we walked towards the field of remembrance to see if there were any crosses that had a name of a family member. Still the cameras were taking their pictures of me. After 15 - 20 minutes of looking, I waved goodbye to the cameras, and we walked back towards the car.

I enjoyed my day today, because it was my first Dawn parade, and also because of the cameras. I felt very happy and energetic today, and I also learnt new things from the people speaking at the service.

Friday, 24 April 2015

My poster about Respect

On Monday, Mrs Adcock, one of the teachers at our school held a competition. The competition was to make a poster about respect. Here is a screenshot of my poster. I made it on Google Drawings. I hope that I will win the questions, but I think that my poster is too simple. Please tell me what you think.

Inquiry Link

Today, at our school, we had our Inquiry presentations. We did our presentations about dinosaurs. The link below allows you to access our presentation. Enjoy.

ANZAC Research

Why did WW1 happen?
WW1 happened when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Franz Ferdinand, the  archduke of Austria-Hungary. The assassination propelled the major European military powers towards war.

Who went to serve in WW1?
Men and women in most countries went to war, but there was a age limit, and in most countries, you had no choice but to go.

Where was WW1?
All around the world, people in the war were fighting for their freedom.

Which countries were involved with WW1?
Almost the whole world.

How was NZ involved?
NZ was involved in the war, because they were one of the countries fighting.

Soldiers - Age, ethnicity, training, signing up
Age - at least 18 years old
Training - Most of the people who signed up prior to the war got trained, but in most countries, they did not get a through training session.

ANZAC - Where?
New Zealand and Australia.
Why do we celebrate?
To remember those who sacrificed themselves for us.
Poppy flower - why?
To show that we are remembering them.
Aftermath of war
Political changes started happening
During war - weapons,food,health,support,communication to home,living conditions.
Weapons - Gas,guns,Tanks,bombs,torpedoes
Food - Corned beef,bread,biscuits.
Health - In the trenches health for most people was deteriorating, mostly because of the condition the trenches were in, and because of hygiene issues.
Support - Depending on the country, most support came from the other soldiers.
Communication to home: The only way to communicate to home was to write letters.
The living conditions: The living conditions in the trenches were terrible, and was very unhygienic. Most people died in the trenches.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Our School ANZAC Remembrance Ceremony 23/4/2015

Today, on Thursday the 23 of April 2015, the students of Glenbrae School went to the front of our school for our ANZAC remembrance ceremony. Four people from each class made a cross that we placed in the ground to remember them.

After the ceremony, we went to the hall and Left Lieutenant Jeffrey Cox spared some time to talk to us about the Army and his life. His answers to the questions given were very detailed, and he told us a lot. We learnt things from him, and we enjoyed his time spent with us. He is a very inspiring person.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Recount: About the Holidays

Today, on Tuesday the 21st of April 2015, Mrs Tofa, my teacher told the class to write a recount about the holidays, so here is my writing. Enjoy.

In the holidays, sometimes I was very busy and sometimes I was not. Most of the time, I went out to do things with my little sister and dad. Most of the time, I woke up late and ate breakfast on the couches while watching TV in my PJ's. The places we went were to the Dentist, Sylvia Park, Library, to my mum’s work, Burger fuel,Burger King, and Sushi.

Almost everyday, we would get something to eat for lunch and drive to our mum’s work to have lunch with her. Then we would go to Fraser Park - which is very close to her job - and play a quick game of pass with the rugby ball that we had in the car. Then we would drop her back off to work and go home.

Other days, when my mum took lunch, we would either be out or at home watching TV. If we were at home, but the TV was being used by my dad - I don’t like watching like he has on, most of the time - I would do some school work that my teacher sent us to do.

The holidays was so fun because I got to relax and sleep in, and because I got to spend time with my family.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Recount: What I did today 17/4/15

Today, on Friday the 17th of April 2015, it was the last day of school holidays. I wrote a recount to tell you what I did today.

Today, I woke up had a shower and got changed. Then I went downstairs to have some breakfast. When I finished my food, I went upstairs and brushed my teeth and hair, and then went back downstairs and watched TV.

Then we went to Pakuranga to get some food to eat, and we went to my mum’s work to eat lunch with her. After we ate lunch, we played catch with the rugby ball we took with us.

Not long after that, we dropped my mum off back to her job and we went back home.

At home, I did the dishes, and then I turned the TV back on and started watching the MTV movie awards.

Today was so fun because I got to relax and spend time with my family.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Maths 16/4/15

Today for maths, I played this game. The link is below. I really enjoyed playing it, but some of the questions were a little bit easy.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Maths problems: 15/4/15

Today, Wednesday 15 April 2015, my sister and I did some maths questions. Here are some of them. We got some of them from the internet.

1. A fruit vendor bought 45 apples and 60 oranges. How many fruits did he buy?
Answer: 105 fruits

2. How much does 83 plus 97 equal?
Answer: 180

3. Julie has 24 cream biscuits and 38 chocolate biscuits. How many biscuits does she have?
Answer: 62 Biscuits

4. Jack and Jill played a balloon shooting game. Jack hit 26 balloons and Jill hit 48 balloons. How many balloons did they hit in total?
Answer: 74 balloons

5. Shirley got 75 dollars from her mom and 95 dollars from her father. How much money does she have now?
Answer: 170 dollars

Monday, 13 April 2015

Reading Log. Week 2 School Holidays

The table below shows how many books I have read this week.

Book(s) Read
Grammar Rules
Spot What: Travel edition
The Juice Bar
The Hunger Games
EJ12 Girl hero: False Note
EJ12 Girl Hero: The Race
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
EJ12 Girl hero: Secret Spy
Catching Fire
The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone
The Copernicus Archives: Wade and the Serpent’s claw
The Copernicus Legacy: The Serpent's Curse
EJ12 Girl Hero: Rocky Road

Saturday, 11 April 2015

What we did today. 11/4/15

Today, I got up early to go to church. I had a shower, got changed into my church clothes, brushed my hair, had breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then I got a spare change of clothes, and put my shoes on. Then we left.

When we arrived at the Church, we parked the car and then we walked inside. We were late. When we got inside, my little cousins, Rylie,Kane and JJ came to say hi to us. JJ stands for Jessop James. Rylie is 3, Kane just turned 2 and JJ is 1, turning 2. Then we sat down and listened to my Grandfather, who was the preacher for the service.

When the service finished at 12:30, we walked outside and shook hands with some of the people from the Church. I know all of the people who go to the Church, because I am related to most of them.

After that, we said hi to the rest of the family. There were some of my Aunties, Cousins, Uncles, and my grandmother was there too. My mum started talking to them, and I went to Rylie, JJ and Kane, and started playing with them.

Then we said goodbye to everyone and went home to get changed. After we were changed, we went to my Aunty Lama’s house back in Mangre. We went there briefly for lunch, then we went to the Airport to take JJ. He was going back to Australia with his Uncle.

When we got there, we parked the car and went to look for the others. When we found them, which took a while, we sat down and waited for JJ to come back, because he was with his Uncle checking in.While we were waiting, one of my cousins, Loa went upstairs to Mcdonalds and got me, my sister and Kane a frozen coke.

Then when JJ came back, we all went upstairs, and said goodbye to him. Not long after that, we drove back to my Aunty’s house.

Then one of my other cousins, Nale showed us some of his bikes and scooters. Nale is 6 years old. I asked him if we could take some of them outside, and he said that we can, as long as we shared them. We ended up taking 1 scooter, 1 BMX bike and another mini bike. I had the BMX bike, he had the scooter, and my sister had the mini bike. Then we kept on swapping.

We spent about 2 - 3 hours outside, and then Kane came out. He was sleeping on the way home from the airport, and he hadn't woken up until then. He really wanted to play with us, so we let him. He got his own ball, and we started playing with him.Then we got called inside, so we went inside.

Not long after that, Loa’s Grandma came to pick her up, so we said goodbye to her. Then they left.

Not long after that, we said goodbye to everyone, and then we went home. When we got home, the Warriors game was on. We had dinner and watched the game. For dinner we had taro leaves and Poke.

I enjoyed today because it was fun, and I got to see family, but it was also very tiring, going to a lot of places, and it was very busy as well.

Easter Maths Questions 11/4/15

Here are some more maths questions I found on the Internet. Here they are.

1. Shelby and Grace went to an Easter egg party at their friend's house. Grace found 38 chocolate eggs during the egg hunt. She gave 1/2 of the eggs to Shelby. How many eggs did she have left, and how many did she give to her brother?

2. Bart won the jelly bean estimation contest at his classroom's Easter party. He had 28 Easter eggs, and he gave 7 away to his friend Rob. How many eggs does he have left?

3. Josh painted 3 dozens of eggs for the Easter show contest. Then he hid them and told the other children at Sunday School to look for them in the big egg hunt. They did not find 6 of the eggs. What was the total number of the eggs coloured? What was the total number of the eggs that were found?

I have already solved the answers to these questions, but I will leave them for you to solve. Please comment your answers and strategies that you used to solve these questions.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Recount: What I did today 10/4/15

Today, on Friday 10 April, my Dad, sister and I went to the doctors at Sylvia Park. We got there at about 9:30. It was really busy there, and we were waiting for over 2 hours to get seen by the doctor. Today, there were only 2 doctors on duty, which was probably why it was so crowded.

After we were seen by the doctor, we went to the chemist to get our medicine. We went to the Chemist in Glen Innes, at Mayfair Place. Then we went home and waited until 12:15 to go to the Dentist for my dad.

When we got there, the receptionist asked him to sign some forms. When he completed the forms, she took him to the dentist, in his office to talk. Then he started the examination.

When he finished the examination, he told us to come back at 2:15. Then we went back home. When we got home, we got something to eat. Then I started playing on my new guitar. When I got bored, I turned the TV on, and changed the channel to 100 (Disney Channel). The show on was a show called Girl Meets World. (One of my favourite TV shows). Almost every episode has a lesson as well. This time, the lesson was about being yourself, and not being afraid of who you are.

When it was time to go, I got some books, and put it into a bag. Then we left. When we got there, I sat on one of the comfortable couches, and started reading my book. Then it was time to go.

When we got back home, I started watching TV. The show on was Good Luck Charlie, then another episode of Girl Meets World, then Liv and Maddie. I watched those shows, and then went outside to play for a little while, before coming back in to watch The Next Step.

Then I started doing my chores. I did the dishes and the vacuum, and cleaned up my room.

Today was very tiring, and I enjoyed it, because I got to watch Girl meets world, read my books in peace, and relax.

Reading Log: Week 1

On the last day of school for term 1, we went home with a list that we had to write the books that we read. When the holidays are over, if we hand our list in to the teachers, then they will give us a special treat.The table below shows how many books I have read this week
Book(s) Read
Penelope Crumb finds her luck.
The hunt for the golden book.
EJ12 Girl hero: Ciao EJ!
Thea Stilton and the great tulip heist
Thea Stilton and the chocolate sabotage
EJ12 Girl hero: Hot and cold
Tom Gates: Extra special treats (not)
Deadly Dinosaurs
I Spy: A book of picture riddles
The Last Thirteen: Book 12
The Famous Five: The Lazy Afternoon
365 Knock- knock jokes
EJ12 Girl Hero: Rock and Roll
When Timmy chased the cat
Where’s the Meerkat?
EJ12 Spy School: The Test
Where’s Wally
Lunch Lady and the Picture Day Peril.
EJ12 Girl Hero: Secret Safari
EJ12 Girl Hero: Big Brother
EJ12 Girl Hero: Choc Shock
EJ12 Girl Hero: Jump Start
EJ12 Girl Hero: In The Dark
EJ12 Girl Hero: On The Ball

Maths Problems Site. 10/04/2015

Earlier today, I was playing a maths word problem game I found on Google. Here are one of the questions from the site.

Memorial Elementary School is having a school play. 9 students from each of the 11 classrooms will be chosen to be in the play. How many students will be in the play altogether?

The question and answer is 9 x 11= 99, so 99 is the answer.

Here is the link to this website:


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What I did on Good Friday.

On Friday, the 3 of April 2015, it was Good Friday. Today we slept in. When we woke up, we made breakfast. We had eggs, bacon and toast. Then we went into the lounge and started watching TV. We watched TV almost all day. All day, we were at home.
It was so fun staying at home that day, because I got to sleep in.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Malama Honua Voyage

Last week on Wednesday Room 7,9 and 10 from Glenbrae School walked to Point England Beach to see the Malama Honua waka. We had to walk in two lines till we got to the shortcut near the Pools. When all of us got to the shortcut, we turned into it and then kept walking till we saw the beach. 

When we got there, we saw heaps of schools. In the sea, we saw Hokulea, the name of the Waka. The people aboard Hokulea travel all over the world, using traditional methods to track where they were going. 

We sat down, and then the visitors came, and the leader did a haka to welcome them. Then we stood up and sang a song for them. People then started praying in maori. 

Schools then came one by one to shake hands and say goodbye. Then some of the House leaders from the school stayed behind. We each got a plate of food, and did a fun activity.

Maths Problem 1/4/15

Today for maths we got this question from Mrs Tofa that we had to solve. This is it:

Piri, Maia, and Ollie are planning to make piklets for afternoon tea. The recipie needs 3/4 of a cup of milk to make a batch of 25 piklets. How many cups of milk do they need to make 100 piklets?
They discover that they have 5 1/2 cups of milk. How many batches of piklets are they able to make?

I didn't solve it yet, but I am sure that someone else in my group solved it.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Inquiry Project: Term 1 2015.

Today, I completed my Flip snack about the T. Rex. Click the link below to see it. Enjoy.

Reflection: Term 1, 2015

Term 1:

We did a lot of things this term. We went to Butterfly Creek, we had Touch and Cricket lessons, we had the Madd Workshop, we had Kiwi Can, we sang for the Malama Honua voyage, a charity show came, and we did so much more. This term has been so fun and educational at the same time.

In Reading, we have rotations with Mrs Tofa, sometimes we write about current events, and sometimes we read a book and then answer comprehension questions. My goal in reading is to move up at least 2 sub levels and to read more non fiction and history books.

In Writing, we have been writing recounts and explanation writings. My goal in writing is to use more emotive and root words.

In Maths, the teachers changed the way that they teach it. What Mrs Tofa now does for maths is that she has one group working with her, and she gives the other group a maths question to work out independently for 10 minutes. Then she gives us 5 minutes to share our strategy with a buddy. When we have done that, she tells us to share our strategies to the group. After that, we do maintenance.

In Inquiry, we were studying about dinosaurs. That was why we went to butterfly creek.  After the trip, we started our research about what we wanted to find out. We got put into groups of 3 or 4 to work together and find a way to present it.

We also have been having the Madd workshop, and kiwi can. Madd workshop on Wednesdays, and Kiwi can on Thursdays. At Madd workshop, we are learning about how to be an anti-bullying school. At Kiwi can, we have been learning about positive relationships.

Mrs Raj, our deputy principal, took some very lucky people to watch a cricket game at Eden Park. The match was South Africa versus Pakistan. Our school was going for South Africa. That was a pretty cool opportunity, and we had a fun day.

But that is only some of what we have done this term. If you told me to write everything we did and everything we learnt, it probably would of taken 1 or 2 weeks.

This term has been pretty educational, and fun at the same time. I would like to say a big thanks to the teachers and students for being a part of it all.

MADD Workshop 1/4/15

Today,on the 1 of April 2015, Room 9 and 10 had another lesson with Petia and Caroline, but Caroline wasn't here today. This week we were talking about talents and skills. Petia then asked us “What is a talent?” Someone told him “A talent is something that you’re good at”. Then he asked what a skill was. Someone else said that a skill is something that you can do, or something that you’re really good at. Then he showed us some cards, but I forgot what they were. 

He then put us into 4 groups. My group, the first group did a play about Touch. There was a new player in the team, but whenever someone threw the ball to him, he always dropped it. The reason why we chose to do a play like that was to show that not everyone has skills in sports, and that sometimes all they need to do is practice more. 

The second group to perform was a group pretending to be New Zealand Got’s Talent. There was four judges, and Fusi performed a song on her ukulele. Her first attempt was terrible, and judges told her no, and why they said no. They also said to come back and audition next year. When she came back and started playing, she had improved a lot, and so all four judges said yes. The story behind that play was obvious. It was that even if you’re terrible at something, if you practice, then you will get better, and better. 

The next group to perform was the group whose play was about wrestling. The story in their play was that if you want to be good at a sport or something, then you have to know the rules, and practice, to improve.

After that, he told us to sit down. He put his music on, and started drawing Wonder Woman. When he was done, we again started clapping. All of his drawings are so cool.Then we said our goodbyes, and went back to class.

Going to Petia and Caroline, is always fun, and even if it is a simple lesson, we always learn from them, and have fun.