Thursday, 11 July 2013


LI: To write limericks

SC: It must have 5 lines lines, the last word of the first and last line must be the same and all the last words of each line must rhyme.

Limericks are nonsensical 5 line rhymes that were made popular hundreds of years ago by Edward Lear.  
Here is an example:

                     There was an old person of Pisa,
Whose daughters did nothing to please her;
She dressed them in gray, and banged them all day,
Round the walls of the city of Pisa.

There once was a girl named Jill
Who freaked out at the sight of a drill
she brushed everyday
so her dentist would say
Your teeth are quite perfect. No bill.

There once was a lady named Sue
Who had nothing whatever to do
And who did it so badly
I thought she would gladly
Have stopped before she was through.

There once was a guy
that had a fly as a nerd
and when that guy had a vine,
the fly died, and the guy cried
only to find that it was a lie.

There was an old man from Peru,
who dreamed he was eating his shoe,
He awoke in the night,
with a terrible fright,
and found out that it was quite true.

There once was a fellow named Tim
whose dad never taught him to swim.
He fell off a dock
and sunk like a rock.
And that was the end of him.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Recount: The Matariki Whanau Ball

Matariki Whanau Ball Recount.

On Friday The 28th June 2013, Glenbrae school had a Ball to celebrate Matariki and to fund raise for the year 7/8 camp. Matariki is the Maori New year. The ball started at 8:00.

When I got to the door, I gave my ticket to Mrs Moopanar, and then Mrs Kumar put a blue stamp on my hand, and I walked in. When I walked in, it was loud and it was dark, but there was light effects, which meant that there were different colours, and there was a DJ. We were also dancing to a song which was gamgam style.

Then the music stopped, and we all made our way to the seats. The next thing that happened was that I then went with my younger sister and then went to go and order some food. The things I ate were a fritter, a drink, and a cupcake.  After that, I went back out to the dance floor, and danced till my mother came to pick us up.
I enjoyed going to the ball, and I asked my mum if I could stay longer, but my mum said “No”, because it was starting to get late, and the Ball was almost finished anyway.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Reading: The journey by Robin Nathan

Yellow Group SJ part 3 Sept., 2011.

The Journey by Robin Nathan pages 2-7

WALT: answer questions using full sentences.

Activity 1 - Reading Response

1. What did Mr Bird want Wilfred to do? Mr Bird wanted Wilfred to eat up.
2. Explain why Wilfred was going to be ‘left behind’ if he was too skinny.  If Wilfred was going to be left behind if he was skinny,it was because he wasn’t eating enough.
3. Where were the godwits preparing to travel? The godwits were preparing to travel to Alaska.
4. How far was it from Alaska? It was Two thousand odd Kilometres away.
5. Who was Captain Thunder? Captain Thunder was one of the old godwits.
6. Explain what happened to Wingspan? Wingspan got shot by lightning.
7. Explain what is meant by the term ‘eye of the storm?’ It means that they were in the very heart of the storm.
8. What do godwits usually eat? they usually eat crabs.
9. In your opinion is the godwit a strong bird? Use evidence from the story to support your
answer. That means that the godwits usually eat crabs to build up their strength.
10. List two other types of birds that travel long distances in winter. (You can use google to
research.) They are Barnacle Geese and kuaka.

Unscramble these words:

1. itgwdo- godwit
2. kynsin- skinny
3. aslka- Alaska.
4. kocfl- flock
5. nbrai- brain
6. ptinaca- captain
7. sihsed- dished
8. wnbol- blown
9. erlade- leader
10. vhneae- heaven

Select any 6 words from above to write complex sentences of your own.

New vocabulary:

What you think it means
Dictionary meaning
to smothen out something
to smother or suppress
a shape of lightning
a bar that can be slid into a socket to lock a door, gate,
To choke or laugh in amazement.
to utter (words) with spitting sounds, as though rage or choking.
A feeling or emotion.
complete wonder or surprise
to talk about someone or mock them.
to speak rudely.