Friday, 28 June 2013

A doggy Tale

Use this image to help you write a narrative about a dog on this document.

Select your own title, include a plan (only spend 6-8 mins on this), describe the setting, create at least three characters (they could include adults and children). Include a problem, find a solution and think of a suitable ending.  

One day, a new Pet shop came to Town. Two men in a big square, black and white truck came to the Pet shop to drop off the other Pets. When the shop owners check how many animals there are however, they noticed that one puppy was missing, so they rung up the two men and the men said “ No, Ma'am, there are no more animals on this truck, we've put all the animals of yours into your shop.”

So then they knew that this puppy was gone, but they had a feeling that they were going to find him. So then the owners of the pet shop put up posters and said that whoever finds a dog that had white skin and brown patches should be returned back to them and that they would get a reward of $2,000 if anyone found that puppy, still alive and in perfect condition.  The next day, the owners Michelle and Hamish, the went around to put up little posters about the missing puppy.

One day, when Michelle and Hamish were searching everywhere for the little Husky, Hamish got a call from a young boy and his father saying that they saw a little white husky puppy with brown patches running from a few other puppies, so they got him up and took him and out of danger, and fed him. Next,they went to get him back and the family got their prize of $2,000 and they bought it for a new brown husky.

They all lived happily ever after. The end.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Lost wallet Flipping E-book.

Would you like to read a flipping B-book about a narrative named The Lost Wallet.  Here is the link to so that you can read my flipping E-book.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Procedural Writing

Procedural Writing

WALT write instructions
Success Criteria:
My procedure will have a title
It will have a list of equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my print in order. Each step will start with a ‘bossy’ (imperative) verb
It will have a conclusion.
It will have pictures to show how to make the template.

Title: How to make a Print Template.
What you Need:        
Equipment: Craft knife, scissors, pencil, paint roller

Ingredients: Glue, 2 cardboard papers, A Cardboard base, paint, a piece of white paper.
1. Draw pictures of stuff and things on a piece of cardboard.
2. Cut the pieces out
3. Glue the pieces onto the second cardboard board
4. Then when you are done gluing on the pieces of cardboard onto the base, get some paint.
5. Now apply the paint onto the template
6. Turn it onto a white piece of paper.
7. Then get your roller and roll your roller until the paint goes all over the paper
8. Your print is ready for drying.
9. Dry the print template and display it on the wall.

Conclusion: Your print art work is ready!
Pictures to go with the print template

Monday, 17 June 2013

How to make a yummy Burger

Procedural Writing

WALT write a recipe
Success Criteria:
My recipe will have a title
It will have a list of ingredients and equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my dish in order. Each step will start with a ‘bossy’ (imperative) verb
It will have a conclusion
It will have pictures to show how to make the dish

To check out how good procedures are written, click on the links below.

Use the template provided below to write a simple recipe (Create)

Upload your recipe to your blog (Share)

Title: How to make a yummy Burger.
What you Need: Oil,Patties of any kind ,Buns, Tomatoes,fresh lettuce,cheese of any kind,and Tomato sauce.     
Equipment: 1 Pan, 1 Knife,a chopping board,


Ingredients:Oil,Patties,Buns, Tomatoes,fresh lettuce,cheese of any kind,and tomato sauce.  
1. Firstly wash your hands thoroughly with warm,soapy water.
2.Then, get a bun and cut it with a knife.
3.Next,put some oil in a pan and get a pattie and put it on the element and cook it till it’s gone moist and soft.
4.Get a knife and chop some tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.
5.Now put the pattie on the bun and the the cheese and the tomatoes and the fresh lettuce, and then add the tomato sauce.
6. Viola, you’re done.

Conclusion: Now you can eat your yummy burger.
Pictures to go with the recipe:

Monday, 10 June 2013

Oh what a game!

Monday 10th June 2013.

On Thursday 6 June 2013 ,room 7 students from Glenbrae School walked down to the courts to learn netball with an experienced coach named Gina. When we got there, we lined up into two lines and then Gina told us what we were going to do today. Then Gina said that we needed to look for five or six people to make a group and name it something.My group was named the Underdogs. After that, the underdogs and Queensland versed and Queensland won. Next Queensland and New South Wales versed and New South Wales won. Soon after that, the Underdogs and New South Wales versed and New South Wales won.

Soon enough,it was time to go. I had fun and I also enjoyed playing netball, even if the Underdogs didn't win.