Friday, 29 November 2013

Healthy Food Activity.

Healthy Food Activity.
WALT: Identify healthy food.

Write fruit which start with each letter:

Ita palm

Write down 10 vegetables
1. Potato
2. Kumara
3. Onion
4. Corn
5. Cabbage
6. Taro
7. Pumpkin
8. radish
9. turnip
10. brussel sprouts.

Write down 5 examples of carbohydrates
1. Sugar
2. honey
3. Fizzy drinks
4. Chips
5 lollies

Write down 5 examples of protein
1 fruits
2 yoghurt
3 Apple
4 veggies
5 corn

Write down 10 unhealthy food
1. lollies cream
4.pies chips
6.potato chips
8.cotton candy
9.fizzy drinks dogs.

Write down 5 healthy drinks
1 Water
2 Milk
3 Green tea
4 milo
5 juice

What did you have for dinner last night?
Chicken, salad and taro.
Is it healthy or unhealthy?
It is healthy.
Why is it healthy or unhealthy?
It is healthy because chicken and veggies are good for you.

Sharing information about Breadfruit

Term 4 - Week 7
Yellow  Group
Resource: Breadfruit chips by Jill McGregor School Journal 2003 Part 3 No 2
WALT - collect and present information from different sources

The article is about a girl named Sono that has a breadfruit tree in her backyard. Here is some information, and what a breadfruit tree looks like.

Find out fruit plants that grow in tropical weather and do not grow in NZ. Identify why they do not grow in New Zealand.

Explain why they do not grow in New Zealand
Breadfruit does not grow in NZ because it’s not hot enough.

Write down countries where they grow
Breadfruit grows in the pacific islands, where it’s hot enough.

Explain if they are permitted to be imported into New Zealand and if they are not permitted. explain why. Breadfruit is not allowed to come to NZ unless an import health standard has been issued.

Make a list of the fruit plant and add a picture

This is a breadfruit:

How to make breadfruit chips

Term 4 - Week 7
Yellow  Group
Resource: Breadfruit chips by Jill McGregor School Journal 2003 Part 3 No 2
WALT - collect and present information from different sources

How to make breadfruit chips:

1. Peel the breadfruit rind.
2.Scrub the breadfruit in a bowl of water to remove the stickiness.
3. Turn on the element and put in some oil.
4. Scoop out the core and remove the seeds.
5. Cut the bread fruit into wedge shapes, and make sure that they aren't too thin or thick.
6. Slide them into the pan gently.
7. Keep them frying until they turn a deep golden yellow.
8.  Scoop them out one, by one and drain them on a paper towel.
9. Sprinkle them in salt.
10. Enjoy!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make a nice and simple burger.

Purpose: How to make a Burger

A bread bun
Cooking oil
Tomato sauce
A frying pan

1. Wash your hands with soap.
2. Dry your hands.
3.Put the oil in a pan, and get the patty, and fry until darkened.
4. Get the bread bun, and put the patty on top of the bread bun.
5. Put lettuce, Tomatoes, cheese and tomato sauce on top of the patty.
6. Eat your burger!


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Response writing about a mother that only has $8 to feed her kids.

Response writing:

Dear writer/Amy Shanks.
I think that this article about Kelly isn't that surprising  for some people, especially if she has only $8 to feed her family, and the rest of the money to pay the rest of the bills. I also think that people should help her.

Kelly also needs to cut some of her bills, seeing that she doesn't need some, like the Mechanic because her car isn't damaged yet.

I am also sorry for her and her children, and people like Kelly at least should get some proper things, like proper food and clean water. I also think that if she has a beachside house, that she might have money.

If you want to read the article, you can visit this link:

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poet Study

Poet Study.

WALT: Find out about famous Poets.
List 3 New Zealand poets
1. Alan Bagnall.
2. Roger Telenius.
3. Pauline Cartwright.

List 3 famous poets around the world
1. Maya Angelou.
2. Emily Dickson.
3. Shel Silverstein.
Who is William Shakespeare? William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright.

Where was he born? He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom.

When was he born? He was born in 1564.

When did he die? He died in 1616.

What famous stories did he write? I know that he wrote Romeo and Juliet.

Read one of William Shakespeare’s poems and write what you think of it. I think that his poems has a lot of rhythm and rhyme.

Are poems fun or boring to you? I think that poems are sometimes funny.

Explain your answer.
Because sometimes the rhymes in a poem are funny.

What does the term ‘rhyme’ mean? Words that rhyme, means that they have the same sound, for example, balloon rhymes with moon.

What does the term rhythm mean? Rhythm means a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.

What does the term ‘imagery’ mean? It means that its descriptive or figurative language, used especially in literary work.   

What is a haiku? A haiku is a Japanese poem, of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven and five, traditionally evoking images of nature.

Monday, 18 November 2013

A poem about my BFF

A poem about my best friend.

My friend has dark chocolate brown eyes.
She is tall as a pencil and skinny as a stick.
She has short, dark, brown hair that falls around her shoulders if she takes it out.
she is funny as a bunny.
She is very kind, and pretty as a model.
Her favourite colours are Blue and black.
I think she is one of the best friends ever.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Vege Car.

Term 4 - Week 4
Yellow  Group
Resource: The vege car by Peter Stevens
School Journal\ 2007 P 3 N 1

WALT - make connections with the text

Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    What is a vege car?  A vege car is a car that runs on recycled vegetable oil.
   5.   Did it take a lot of time to make the car? Yes, but in the book, it says that they couldn't remember.
   6.    Who are some other people who get involved? People that get involved are his family and the people that helped to make the car.
Application Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   7.   Is it complicated to make the cars? Yes. Why? It is complicated to make the cars because you have to change the car a bit because you're using a different type of oil.
Thinking beyond: Learn, Create, Share
Analysis:Do you think this is an activity you would enjoy? I would enjoy this activity because, I would be trying something new.

Evaluation:Has this text shown how important it is to save the environment? How? It has shown me how important is is to save the environment by driving on recycled vege oil.

Hands on: If you were to make your environmentally friendly car, what would you make. I would make an electric car if I could.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Reading: Term 4 - Week 3

Term 4 - Week 3
Yellow  Group
Book: Less than one second by Jan Trafford.

WALT - comprehend a text

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Who are the characters in the Article? The Characters in the Article are Ashley and Shiree.
  2. Do they live in NZ or not? How do you know? Yes they live in Nelson, which is in New Zealand.
  3. What is their special hobby? Their special hobby is slot car drag racing.
  4. Why do they enjoy this? They enjoy it because they really enjoy racing.

Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    What cars do they race? They race cars that weigh less than 150 grams each, and a race lasts less than 1 second.
   5.   How do they make these cars? They have to make the windows transparent, the front wheel diameter must be no more than 15 millimetres, and the car body must be painted to look look like a  real car.
   6.    Who are some other people who get involved?  Adult racers and parents.