Monday, 30 March 2015

Current Events: 30/03/15

Current Events:

Last week, a man in Wellington was arrested for telling foreigners to to “Go back to your own country”. The man was a 64 year old, and he was obviously worked up over something, to say that, but what he didn't know was that he was being filmed. A very brave lady that was on the bus told the man to behave. The 64 year old man will appear at Hutt Valley District Court and face charges.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

MADD workshop diary entry 18/03/15

Today we went back to Petia and Caroline for the MADD workshop. This week the theme was about being Intelligent and having these 7 different smarts. The seven smarts were Self smart, Body smart, Word smart, Music smart, Number smart, Picture smart and People smart.

Caroline laid these on the floor in a circle, and she talked to us about these different smarts. Then she split us up into groups - A boys group and a girls group, and gave us a piece of wood with a nail in it, and some nails. Then she explained the activity. She said that we have to try and balance some nails on that one nail. Then we got into our groups. When we couldn’t do it, Caroline came back and helped us. She said to lie one nail down flat on the table and keep adding one to each side until there was no space. Then you put one nail on top then transfer that to the single nail. When it worked, we were very amazed that it worked. 

Then Mrs tofa came and took a picture of us with it. Then we went back into the circle. Petia asked for 6 volunteers, and Fraser went into the middle of the circle, while the other 6 stood around him to compliment him.

Soon after that, Petia started his drawing of the flash. When he finished, we clapped - it was really good.

After we stopped clapping, we stood around the picture, and then we took a picture of it. Then we lined up, said thank you to Petia and Caroline, and went to class. 

Going to Petia and Caroline is always fun, because we know we will have a good time and learn something from them. We are very lucky to have them at our school

Friday, 13 March 2015

Recount: Kiwi Can

What we did at Kiwi Can Yesterday:

Yesterday, on Thursday the 12 of March 2015, we had another Kiwi Can session with Miss Tuia and Mr Numia after Morning Tea. Today our theme was about Negotiation and Cooperation.

When we got to their classroom, Miss Tuia and Mr Numia greeted us. Then we went up to the field. Then we started our energiser. The energiser we did was a game called Letters, where Miss Tuia said a letter, and we had to try and make it with people.

When we finished playing our energiser, Mr Numia and Miss Tuia separated us into two groups to start our activity called Code breaker, where you have to try and negotiate with your team which hula hoops you jump through to make the right letter, and when you do, you get a part of a quote, and the person who as the quote wins. After we finished our game, we found out that team 2 won. The quote they had was: ‘Many hands make light work’.

After that we got into a circle and played GKQ (General knowledge questions) where Mr Numia asks us a question that we are supposed to know, and if we get it right, everyone shouts GKQ.

After GKQ, Mr Numia said "Goodbye room 10", and then we clapped our hands two times on our knees, twice together, and said ‘KC Shoo’. Then Mr Numia and Miss Tuia gave out our points. we got 24 out of 25.

Going to Kiwi Can was so fun, and you actually learn when you go there, and Miss Tuia and Mr Numia are really kind, and they help us whenever we need help. We are very lucky to have them at our school.

Recount: Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek Recount:

On Monday, the 9th of March 2015, room 9 and 10 from Glenbrae School went to butterfly creek to learn about dinosaurs. We really enjoyed our day. Here is a recount I wrote to tell you what we did.

When we got to Butterfly Creek, our tour guide met us. She told us her name was Sanita, and she said that it was a pleasure to have us. Then she took us to the Dinosaur Kingdom to explore. After exploring for about 2-3 minutes, she took us inside to a room. Then she asked us some questions about dinosaurs. After about 5-10  minutes talking about dinosaurs, she introduced us to Paul.

Paul was one of the people who looked after the animals. When it was Paul’s turn to talk, he asked also asked us what we know about dinosaurs. After about 5-10 minutes, he asked us if there were any relatives to dinosaurs that are still living. We knew that there were Wetas,Tuataras and also crocodiles that were around before and after the dinosaurs died out.

Then Sanita took my class to the train. Sanita jumped to the front carriage. She was the one that was going to drive the train. Then we jumped on the train and had a little ride around, which only took about 4-5 minutes. When we got back to the station, we hopped out and went to the farm.

When we got to the farm, we saw a lot of animals. We saw Bunnies, Rabbits,Chickens, Hamsters, Pigs, Tortoises, birds, a Llama, and a dog named Mila. When I saw Mila, I started playing with her. She was a very energetic dog. When I asked how old she was, Sanita told me that she was a year and a half. Then I started playing with the Bunnies. The Bunnies were very cute.

When it was time to go, Sanita took us to the Butterfly house. The butterfly house was very hot, because the butterflies were tropical butterflies. Tropical butterflies need a lot of heat to stay warm, which was why the room they were in was warm. After looking at the butterflies, we went to look at the Crocodiles. Their names were Goldie and Scar.After looking at Scar and Goldie, we went to have lunch.

After Lunch, we went back to the Crocodile Tanks to watch Scar perform a show. After Scar had finished entertaining us, Sanita and Paul brought us a Tranchilla to show us. When someone asked to touch it, Paul said no, because it was dangerous.
When it was time to go, someone asked Siosifa to say a farewell speech to Sanita and Paul. Siosifa said thanks for showing us around, and that we enjoyed our day very much. Then it was time to go.

Going to butterfly Creek was very fun and I learnt a lot. I would also like to go back there to learn more some other time.

This is an image of Scar performing some of his wonder tricks.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Madd Messenger

Yesterday, Petia and Leah came to our school to talk to us about being proud of our Culture, and being proud of who we are. Petia told us a little story about his father. He said that in the 60’s his father came to New Zealand to live to get money and send it back home to his family. He didn’t know how to speak English, and when the workers asked him what his name was, he said that it was Petia. (The only english word he knew was Peter.)

After that, he put us into groups. The groups were, Samoan, African, Tongan, Niuean and Cook Island. I went to the Niuean group. The people in my group were, Erina, Dallas,Bono, Joseph, Justin and Chris.

Then, we got given a piece of paper. On that paper it had three questions. The first one was "Where is your country or island found?" The next was "What are the traditional Values?" The third question was "Does your culture have any noises or gestures?"

When we had filled out the piece of paper, we chose someone to present something from our culture. Bono, Joseph and Justin did a niuean Haka as our presentation.

Yesterday was great. I was proud to represent my country, and I was very happy.