Wednesday, 9 December 2015

End of year emotions

This year is close to an end. We can all feel its presence, even a week early. The emotions are so mixed. Happiness, relief, sadness, longing. These are just some of the emotions us year 8's are feeling at the moment. 

We have spent 8 years at our school learning new things and meeting new people. The "new people" that we meet at school are teachers, students and visitors. We have been the at the receiving end of opportunities, knowledge and other gifts while attending Glenbrae School. 

We learn in a learning environment with others keen to learn. We do most of our learning on netbooks. I personally was very thrilled and privileged to do our work on netbooks. It was a very cool experience to be involved in.

The classes we were put in was based on intelligence, willing to learn, and behaviour, depending on the year level you were in. Being one of the youngest people in my year level, I looked up to most of the older students as a mentor or role model. I looked at them and said "one day I would like to be like them." Most of my mentor or role models were none other but some of my classmates and best friends. I still look up to most of them, not only to lead, but to educate. I have learnt a lot from my classmates and friends, and I am sad to split from them this far forward in our lives.

Most of my classmates I went to Kindergarten with, and we know each other well. Its really sad to see them go, but I wish them good luck next year, and throughout their lives. 

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