Friday, 20 November 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today after Morning tea, the students from room 10 went to room 11 for Kiwi Can. Miss Tuia wasn't here, so Mr Numia was teaching us.

When we got inside the classroom, we sat own in a circle. We said "Bula Kiwi Can" (every time we go to Kiwi Can, they have a different greeting for us every week). We did a re-cap of the last lesson we had and talked about the topic. We were learning about Respect. Our theme was Respecting Others. We had a little discussion about what it looked like to respect others.

After that, we got into our Energiser. It was called Soccer Tag. We had three or four games of Soccer Tag before sitting back down in a circle. We discussed what it looks like to respect others and how you can do that.

After that, Mr Numia explained what our energiser was. It was called "Green Machine". Mr Numia put us unto 5 groups and assigned us a part of the room. What we had to do in Green Machine was brainstorm some ideas for a machine that would make people happy. My group's ideas were to create emotion changing shoes. Basically what they were were shoes that if you wore and you were angry, the shoes would work on making you happy. I proudly invented those. Another invention that we created was a booth machine that you jumped into. The booth printed out a piece of paper. On the piece of paper was the emotion you were feeling on the inside, even though you looked happy on the outside. Alisi invented that great piece of engineering that hopefully will be invented someday.

When we finished presenting our ideas, we sat back down in a circle and did our GKQ (General Knowledge Questions) and that was in groups of three or four students. When it was our turn, we couldn't answer the first question, so Mr Numia gave us another question to answer. Lennyx answered that question correctly.

When we finished GKQ, Mr Numia did our points. We got 23.5, which was two and a half less than last week. We said goodbye and then we left.

Today was a really fun day in Kiwi Can, even though we got two and a half points less than last week.

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