Friday, 20 November 2015

Maniakalani Film Festival 2015

Last week on Wednesday the 11th of November, the students from Glenbrae School went to the Sylvia Park Cinemas for the 8th Maniakalani Film Festival. Every year, the schools in the Maniakalani cluster makes videos especially for the Film Festival. We make a habit of making sure we positively show that we like the movies, and that we don't boo or dislike the movie.

This year, Brandon and I were going to present from our class. I was really excited. It was my second time, and I was really excited to go up there, but I was also really worried at the same time.

We had our morning tea early. After morning tea, we assembled in the hall. Brandon and I had to go the line that the other presenters were sitting at. We were the first ones to hop onto the bus. When we got there, we separated from the other students and walked first. The other classes followed behind.

When we got there, we got ready to go inside. The presenters sat down in the chairs up the front. When it was a presenter's turn, we had to move down a seat or two. The movies were really creative.

When anyone from our school presented, I could hear some people from in the top right corner (where our school was sitting) cheering for them, among other schools, Brandon and I among them. I was really shy, but could hardly wait until it was our turn to present.

When it was our turn to present, I was really excited, and the adrenalin was pumping through my body. I went up, and then Brandon came up. All I could see were shadows and the bright spotlight was shining in my eyes. I could really hear the cheering coming from our School. We said our lines and went back down. I was really excited, and could barely believe that we did that. We sat back down and watched the movie.

When it was time to go, the presenters lined up and walked out of the cinemas. We walked to the buses. I was the only presenter that was able to go onto the first bus. I sat next to Fine. Manuae was behind us, so we started talking.

When we got back to School, we went to the hall. The teachers congratulated us (the presenters) and told us what was going to happen next. We were going to go back to class, and we would have 4-5 minutes to eat and play. After that we would pack up and go home.

Today was a really fun day. I was a little shy, but I was also really excited. I also couldn't wait for the day after, because we had another trip, this time to Stardome, a observatory in Greenlane.

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